friday i'm in love... (& where i pause for a short station identification break)

i have not been here in a while...
has been busy...
a little downright crazy
between work and weddings,
editing and driver's licenses and signing forms...
planning for thanksgiving
and birthday parties for an almost 17 year old
grad photos
and answering emails...
life has been

but fall is here
and with it,
i always feel a renewed sense
of creativity mixed with a strong need for
some very serious
down time...
i'm almost at the end of
my wedding season
(my last wedding season, though that
still seems weird to say)
and the chill in the air
makes me want to curl up with books and movies and new music
hot chocolate
and fuzzy slippers
and hibernate
for a bit.

{winter is my true introvert season
but it starts off gradually in the fall...
there are signs...and symptoms...}

but it's friday and i'm in love with all of these good things -