what have i been doing, you ask?

or maybe you didn't even ask...
but i'm gonna share it anyway.

i have been editing.
and shooting weddings.
and driving.  a lot a lot a LOT of driving.
and charging batteries.
and packing camera bags.
oh.  and posting.  editing and posting.
and ingesting copious amounts of diet coke again...
i know!  i know!
i was doing so good
and now look at me...
i fell of the aspartame wagon.

i've been catching up on Sons of Anarchy in between editing
and almost done...and dear gawd it's so frustrating

i'm reading On The Road....
another one of those books that i find myself saying
"i cannot believe i never read this before!"

and i'm cleaning bird dropping off my car
because apparently, there is a flock of birds in my area
that has a hate on for me...
my poor little car was victim to what appeared to be a very
calculated, cold (and somewhat runny looking) attack.

what the hell, birds.  what. the. hell.

what the hell, birds.  what. the. hell.

baby bumps...so very cute!

I had privilege of shooting Rachel & Tyler's wedding
a couple of summers ago...
and it was so much fun.
They are seriously adorable and
so easy-going and down to earth.
I was thrilled when they asked me
if I would do their maternity photos for them!

Here are some of my favorites from that day...

can't wait to meet this little bundle!  :)