is it ever going to stop snowing?

snow today,
snow tomorrow....
it's enough to make a sane girl cry.

i took a drive on saturday...
15 wanted to go see his friend
{who happens to be a girl}
so i put my camera in the passenger seat
and after i dropped him off
at his friend's
{who happens to be girl}
i allowed myself to get lost
on back country roads...

when i picked him up
he told me that they made their own version
of "burger love" at home
and that he helped with the spinach
(i am certain my boy has never seen spinach
before in his life, other than in a popeye cartoon
i am not sure that i have ever seen spinach...).

and i marveled at how they grow up
right before your very eyes.

the light was perfect as we drove home...
15 picked the music (nirvana for the most part, fine by me)
and i asked him at every stop sign
right?  left?  straight?
let's just get lost.
and the sweet thing is he totally put up with it...
even when i stopped the car
multiple times
to lay in the ditch and take photos
of farms
reflected in mud puddles.

i'm a lucky girl.