creative check in {tally-up-week-one}

last saturday, i made a commitment to myself
to come to the plate every saturday
and do a little creative check up on myself...
just to see where my time had been going,
just to see where my focus was...

i thought i would start with ideas borrowed from
here and here
so, to start me off
here is my list of
37 things i accomplished in 2007:
  1. renovated my kitchen to pretty green and brown.
  2. added another year of successful happy marriage.
  3. got my driver's license!
  4. changed my job...twice...
  5. became the mother of kid in junior high
  6. got my new camera
  7. survived caring for the brood of children that was nearly my downfall
  8. tried asparagus
  9. revived friendship with best friend M, much beyond emails
  10. made gravy successfully
  11. got a laptop
  12. volunteered for fund raising committee for band parent group.
  13. blogged for another full year.
  14. changed template on blog myself.
  15. learned how to burn my own music cds
  16. put gas in a car
  17. put air in a tire
  18. took kids to the drive in by myself, even with misadventures along the way
  19. attempted skydiving, was not my choice that we couldn't jump (too windy)
  20. planted a garden
  21. read 6 books {only six??? this astounded me}
  22. did the artist's way book
  23. did the simple abundance book
  24. started my photograph a graveyard manifesto
  25. bought cute shoes
  26. learned how to do the basics in simply accounting
  27. planned out text for a website
  28. applied for new jobs
  29. passed 2 tests that i wrote
  30. backed into a ditch and got back out again...BY MYSELF...
  31. knit a pair of socks (pink and white)
  32. made a sock monkey
  33. made my own christmas cards
  34. made plans to open a bed and breakfast {still on backburner}
  35. fell in love with victoria-by-the-sea
  36. took a crochet class
  37. joined the self portrait challenge, after 3 years of blogging...
i have been doodling a lot this past week, right up until i got sick
{which is why this is being posted tuesday and not saturday...}