i never get tired of fridays!! :)

friday i'm in love!

today's friday i'm in love could also be called
cause...i want. 
and when you have no money,
you may as well dream big
and PRETEND you have money....
(it only hurts when the realization sits in...)
(but just for a minute)
(as long you go right back to pretending again heeheehee)

so...friday i'm love brings you friday i want::::

  • to eat this.  for dessert.  for breakfast.  for supper. 
  • to contain my life in this...i would love it and hug it and fill it will promises and minion stickers and glittery hearts and little robot sketches.
  • to live this, make it my mantra...write it on my hand, tattoo it on arm...remember it...live it.
  • to own a talent like this...i might have swooned a little....so beautiful!
  • to add this to my collection...along with this...and this....
  • to make pugsley into a pugosaur....what could be better than that.  I challenge you to think of one this that would be better than a pugosaur.
  • to fill my house with the scent of these...
  • to own one of these which would inspire me to use my 3 boxes of 64 crayola crayons!  and the artist lives here in PEI...we're twitter-friends!  i can say that, right, Nadine?  we're twitter-friends, right?  and instagram-buddies!  :)
  • to put at least one (or 5...or 10) of these in my driveway...soooooo cute it hurts my heart.
  • to be able to pick up my pen and write like this...sigh.
  • to go on a road trip....in one of these....i have not been a traveling kinda girl...but since our camping trip last summer, I find myself thinking about it more and more...like a longing for something I didn't know that I missed.
  • sheep.  i want sheep.  and goats.  and maybe a chicken or two.  and a whole pug family.  and a house in the country where 15 can have dirt bikes and half pipes and I can have a tire swing with polka dots or a skateboard swing and a treehouse!! and S can have a garage and 19 can sing until her heart's content....the one stipulation we ALL agree on?  there HAS to be high speed internet.  sad but true.

happy weekend!!