things i have considered doing when i am finished of weddings

cause you know...
i am going to have A LOT of extra time on my hands...
here are some of my ideas (in no particular order of importance):

  • learn to drive a race car
  • build a treehouse
  • make cinnamon rolls
  • make a coloring book of my own to color
  • learn karate or judo or whatever will give me a belt in something
  • be a ninja
  • meditate
  • go to yoga regularly
  • watch ALL the episodes of sesame street, from start to finish...all 46 years.
  • learn to drive a transfer truck
  • FINALLY get my taxi driver's licence
  • make pugsley his own wardrobe of clothes and do photo sessions with him
  • learn how to stand on my head again
  • learn to breakdance
  • read all the harry potter books
  • build an army of snowmen in my front yard
  • build a greenhouse
  • go on a road trip...with no map
  • invest in some lego
  • learn to swim (hahahahah...who am i kidding...that's never going to happen)
  • sign up for astronaut training
  • learn how to play poker
  • make up my own language & force others to speak it