there was a graduation...

3 years ago in June,
my heart nearly stopped
and my life was changed
in many, many ways
but every day, i remember that it could
have been changed in a much worse way.

my husband was involved in a very bad motorcycle accident in 2012
and, although his leg will probably never be the same as it used to be,
it has come a long way and he is alive...
for that alone, i am incredibly grateful.

he was told he can never do construction work again
which was also life altering...
that's what he has done his whole life.

2 years ago, my husband went back to school
to be a computer programmer.
a huge change in of the oldest in the class,
still dealing with leg issues and physiotherapy and constant pain...
there was a kid in his class
who was in our daughter's grade one class,
who had played at our house as a kid...
which doesn't help you feel young.
plus it was a steep learning learning a new language,
and he started later than everyone else in the class...
it was definitely a challenge.

Sunday...he graduated.

i am incredibly happy for him and proud of him.... :) :) :)