would i be crazy...

to think that maybe this year
i could get back to blogging again,
get back to putting words in front of me,
to finding inspiration
in what others have to say?

to try (again) to take a photo a day for
a full year?
(i do have a better phone now, which means, a better camera
on hand ALL the time)...

to really take an honest-to-gawd hard look
at my life
and make some real changes?
you know that adage
if you keep doing what you have always done then....
right now,
i feel like that's me.

to resolve to get back to yoga,
back to eating healthy,
back to drinking more water,
to letting go of that sweet sparkling crisp vice of mine (diet coke)?

i am really, really, really going to try to make some
actual changes this year.
i know it is already jan 3rd and i am still mulling over
what these changes will be
but i think i need to do that.
i think this year really does need to be different.
photographically (is that a word.  i doubt it).
i need to change things up.
i need to let some things go.
i need to make some hard choices.
i need to let myself be happier.
i need to make some changes.