bullet journal sunday

no weddings this weekend
meant spending time with family,
meeting up with friends home from away,
waffle breakfasts with whipped cream,
sleeping in,
popcorn with garlic & pepper mixed into the melty butter,
a movie night (mother's day...loved it),
editing and catching up on neverending laundry
finally cracking the spine open
on my new bullet journal
the purple leuchtturm 1917.

the truth is
i was a little scared to start that new book.
the fresh blank page is so
new...so crisp, so clean...
so open to possibility.

and i was scared that i would mess it up.

but finally,
i just bit the bullet (haha...see what i did there)
and started...and about 8 hours later,
i stopped.
so damn addictive...and fun...and
in all honesty
a little time consuming...heeheehee

here's how the first few pages are looking:

thank you Revision Guide for the inspiration for the "don't be normal"
which is, by the way, the way i have pretty much lived my whole life...
even when I didn't think I was trying to be anything but normal...
being weird has obviously always just come naturally for me.

I liked the idea of a key/legend...
I think I am only going to use the index for collections though.
I didn't really use it in V1.

2016 goals and plans...carried over from V1
happy is my focus word for 2016
so I tried to pick out a couple of goals
that would make me feel happy
and focus on those...

I am loving the leuchtturm 1917, by the way.
so far, I have used pencil crayon, markers, watercolors
and no bleeding through...a little crinkling from the
watercolors but I expected that.

Now I can't wait to start some challenges in September...
September is a preview for January for me...
it feels like a fresh start with new routines...