random gratefulness...

thanksgiving is over...
but in the spirit of thanksgiving,
here is a very random list of things
that i have recently been
thankful for...

  • my family and friends
  • a warm cozy orange house
  • fall leaves
  • dirt roads
  • marshmellow bananas
  • 3 day old chicken fricot
  • tylenol
  • youtube yoga videos (especially those specific to calming raging headaches)
  • hot apple cider
  • pjs with feet
  • maple french toast bagels
  • trips to moncton to see my girl
  • jasmine thomspon
  • hazelnut cream candles
  • secret weddings
  • tragically hip
  • a huge flock of geese that flew right towards my window at work
  • pigs
  • judge judy
  • tomato soup with basil
  • getting lost on dirt roads and finding my way out of trails in the woods
  • sugar doughnuts
  • forehead kisses
  • the song emma wrote
  • polka dot rain boots
  • people so sweet and supportive at the bullet journal session i did
  • watching almost famous again
  • that campbell knows all the words to tiny dancer
  • talking to my mom on the phone
  • bonecrushing hugs
  • early morning mist in the fields

bullet journal sunday

no weddings this weekend
meant spending time with family,
meeting up with friends home from away,
waffle breakfasts with whipped cream,
sleeping in,
popcorn with garlic & pepper mixed into the melty butter,
a movie night (mother's day...loved it),
editing and catching up on neverending laundry
finally cracking the spine open
on my new bullet journal
the purple leuchtturm 1917.

the truth is
i was a little scared to start that new book.
the fresh blank page is so
new...so crisp, so clean...
so open to possibility.

and i was scared that i would mess it up.

but finally,
i just bit the bullet (haha...see what i did there)
and started...and about 8 hours later,
i stopped.
so damn addictive...and fun...and
in all honesty
a little time consuming...heeheehee

here's how the first few pages are looking:

thank you Revision Guide for the inspiration for the "don't be normal"
which is, by the way, the way i have pretty much lived my whole life...
even when I didn't think I was trying to be anything but normal...
being weird has obviously always just come naturally for me.

I liked the idea of a key/legend...
I think I am only going to use the index for collections though.
I didn't really use it in V1.

2016 goals and plans...carried over from V1
happy is my focus word for 2016
so I tried to pick out a couple of goals
that would make me feel happy
and focus on those...

I am loving the leuchtturm 1917, by the way.
so far, I have used pencil crayon, markers, watercolors
and no bleeding through...a little crinkling from the
watercolors but I expected that.

Now I can't wait to start some challenges in September...
September is a preview for January for me...
it feels like a fresh start with new routines...